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CSR Programs

Bakrieland Goes Green

Bakrieland’s commitment to incorporate economic interest (profit), social empathy (people) and active participation in environmental preservation (planet) into its business operations is accomplished through the development of the integrated “Bakrieland Goes Green” (BGG), CSR program launched on February 4, 2008. The BGG Program aims to support the development of properties that concern over sustainable quality of the environment, the society and the economy through the implementation of Green Architecture, Green Operation and Green Attitude. Through Green Architecture and Green Operation, BGG program focuses its resources on sustainable environment, such as on energy saving and waste reduction arising from operational, design and building facilities. Green Attitude program aims to empower stakeholders in the sectors of social economy and culture. 

Green Architecture
Green Architecture implies that all Bakrieland products including residential complexes, hotels, office premises and property-related infrastructure are designed with an eco-friendly concept. This approach covers the following : 

1. Green Area Design
Green Area Design targets a 30% minimum part of the development area for green open space and cultivating plant species that produce O2 and absorb CO2 as well as other pollutants such as heavy metals, dust, and sulfur.  In Bakrieland properties :

  • Bogor Nirwana Residence (BNR) setting aside 60% of its 1,200 hectare project area for green open space, a wildlife sanctuary (deer and birds) and an environmental conservation program where local residents are involved in tree-planting activities. 
  • Nirwana Bali Resort, in Tabanan, Bali, tends to its own green space of up to 70% of its 103 ha of land, where 15 ha is preserved as rice fields.
  • Pullman Legian Nirwana Suites & Residence with 45% green area.
  • Rasuna Epicentrum ensures greening its area by growing plants in idle spaces, and establishing a nursery and roof top garden.

2.Green Building and Construction 
Green building and construction implies that all buildings and construction developed by Bakrieland should be eco- and are built with great attention to lighting, temperature, and acoustics, ensuring that these factors are integrated within the design. In addition to encouraging energy conservation, implementation of the program intends to maintain harmony with local cultural values, again through the architectural design.  In Bakrieland properties :

  • The Wave apartments are constructed based on the green architecture and green living concepts.
  • Nirwana Bali Resort is designed in line with existing topography and the characteristics of the local culture.
  • Bakrie Tower’s façade allows heat reduction of up to 80%, thus cutting down energy consumption for air-conditioning.
  • Waste water management at Bakrie Tower allows the total reuse of water (100%) for the water chiller.
  • Landscape management of the entire Rasuna Epicentrum complex prioritizes the safety and comfort of the users, both pedestrians and motorists.  

Green Operation 
Green Operation dictates a process for each unit of Bakrieland’s site and building management to operate in an eco-friendly manner by implementing the 3R approach (reduce, reuse, and recycle). Green Operation includes the following programs:

1. Waste Water Treatment and Reuse Program 
This is an alternative program to address the pollution-related issues stemming from domestic waste water. Through the program, the waste undergoes on-site treatment before it is disposed to the sewer system, thus conserving water resources.  The implementation of Waste Water Treatment and Reuse Program is realized in 3 (three) activities, namely domestic waste water treatment using the bio-filter anaerobic-aerobic system (grey waste water treatment),  black waste water treatment using septic-tank biology, and water conservation by puncturing bio-porous, setting up infiltration ponds, and revitalizing canal streams to manage and preserve water resources, thus also preventing flooding.In Bakrieland properties :

  • Rasuna Epicentrum established a sewage and water treatment plant, installation of bio-porous absorption holes and revitalization of Cideng river. 
  • Nirwana Bali Resort ensures waste water treatment and the reuse of rainwater through the installation of a water treatment system that reuses water for golf course irrigation systems.

2. Domestic Waste Program
The program manages a comprehensive regional waste system focusing on the waste issues, whilst generating economic value for the operator. In the future, waste management will adopt new technologies that focus on waste composition and the waste treatment of toxic and hazardous substances. This will allow the operator to generate income from waste levies and the recycling of refuse with economic value.In Bakrieland properties :

  • Rasuna Epicentrum is currently establishing a Temporary Waste Disposal Site in every block and in proximity to Cideng River WTP by separating organic and non-organic refuse 

3. Energy Efficiency Program 
The program aims to reduce the use of fossil energy and produce environmental- friendly energy to assist the government in energy saving campaigns.In Bakrieland properties :

  • Rasuna Epicentrum provides public amenities in the form of (1) shuttle buses that run on bio-solar fuel, and (2) ten-meter wide pedestrian walks shaded with trees that absorb high amounts of CO2 and water and features in cooling down temperatures 
  • Nirwana Bali Resort applies a co-generation system that optimizes energy from generator emissions used for washing clothes

Green Attitude
Green Attitude refers to Bakrieland’s corporate culture that encourages environmental and socio-economic empowerment for the communities (community development). A community development program adopts a self-reliant approach where community members themselves act as agents of development while external parties are placed in a supporting role during the development process.

The scope of community development programs includes both internal and external programs. The internal programs aim to improve the "clean, healthy and smiling" attitudes of the employees as part of the corporate culture. External community development programs concentrate on the empowerment of community members outside the company, as follows:

1. Education programs are activities that contribute to the improvement of the quality of education. In addition to scholarships for university students or employees’ children who demonstrate academic distinction but lack financial means, Bakrieland also extend donations to schools and projects under corporate patronage, and the setting up of "Bakrie Children’s Library

Currently, Bakrieland focuses on the education sector through the Bakrieland Goes to Campus (BGtC) program, aimed for university students in Indonesia. Activities include Student Visit, Scholarship, Guest Lecture, Internship, Sponsorship & Contributions, and Library Improvement Program (LIP).

2007 – 2012 Bakrieland’s President Director & CEO  Hiramsyah S. Thaib has taken part as guest lecturer in such campuses as Institut Teknologi Bandung, Universitas Indonesia, Universitas Bakrie and Universitas Mercubuana. Not only to share knowledge and experience in the industry, Mr. Thaib also speak highly of leadership, entrepreneurship and other interesting topics for the students. Since the program was first launched in mid 2010, Bakrieland’s Board of Directors have been quite active in speaking engagement programs in more than 25 occasions in a number of universities. 

Bakrieland has also host visits by university students where they take the opportunity to have a closer look at the company’s property projects as well as to discuss directly with Bakrieland’s Management for a better understanding of the company and the industry.  Students from the Faculty of Economy – Universitas Padjajaran have visited Bakrieland’s properties several times and have  covered different topics during the visits. 

A side from the Guest Lecture and Student Visit programs, Bakrieland has also actively taken part in various students’ events through the Sponsorship program. Bakrieland is highly supportive of students’ events intending to increase students’ capacity and capability in the educational fields, such as workshops, seminars and others.

In addition to BGtC, the company has also initiated the Sejuta Buku (A Million Book) Program. The program aims at improving the knowledge and the quality of Indonesian people’s life through books. The employees are also invited to participate in this program by donating books. Since its first launched in June 2010 to date, Bakrieland has distributed more than 30,000 books to such parties as schools surrounding Bakrieland’s property projects, orphanages and libraries.  The company has also joined up with Komunitas 1001 Buku (1001 Book Community) to distribute used books donated by employees of Bakrieland Holding and Business Units.  

Another program called Taman Cerdas (Smart Garden) was also initiated by Bakrieland with the pilot project built in December 2011 within its City Property Business Unit’s Rasuna Epicentrum in Menteng Atas, Jakarta.  The project undertook green open space available within the property and complete it with a multi-purpose gazebo.  This first Taman Cerdas was built in cooperation with several Bakrie Group companies whereas Bakrie Building Industries contributed the building materials for the project, Bakrie Telecom participated in the inauguration event by presenting storytelling for the audience, including kindergarden children present at the opening, while Bakrie Group’s ANTV assisted in promoting the project. In addition, Gramedia publishing company also donated books as part of the facilities provided in Taman Cerdas’ small library. This project was inaugurated on December 22, 2011. 

2. Environment programs are activities aimed at improving the quality of the environment around Bakrieland’s stakeholders. 

The umbrella program for all Bakrieland’s environment-related activities is referred to as Pohon Untuk Negeri (PUN) or Trees For the Nation program.  One example of PUN is  the launching of a Ten Thousand Trees Program at Kanci-Pejagan toll road, developed and operated by Bakrie Toll Road. Ten Thousand Trees Program is a reforestation initiative for barren landscape and unproductive areas by planting productive/economic plants. In addition to persuade people to save the environment, reforestation also has its economic values, especially for the environment and the community surrounding the toll road.

Another initiative of PUN is the distribution of Sanseviera seeds to Bakrieland’s customers and guests. Sanseviera or well-known as Lidah Mertua in Indonesia is chosen because it is known to be effective in absorbing some chemical materials.  Coordinated by teams in the company’s business units, Sanseviera seeds have not only been distributed to the hotel guests in Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana, Krakatoa Nirwana Bali Resorts, Aston Rasuna, but also to the users of Kanci-Pejagan toll road and mall visitors. The company hopes that those receiving Sanseviera seeds would plant trees to help save the environment. In addition to seed distribution, the company also planted trees in the surrounding areas of a number of its property projects. 

3. Social programs are activities that contribute to the improvement of the quality of social, cultural and religious life as well as social well-being of the community. Programs developed focus on health, economy – micro small medium enterprises (MSME) and natural disaster management through emergency response and recovery activities. 

Nirwana Bali Resort implements its social economic program of MSME by providing guidance on economic institutional management as well as Small and Medium Enterprises – SMEs capacity development through the Business Development Institute (BDI). The program is conducted in Beraban Village and Tanah Lot Regency areas and it specializes and focuses on providing counseling/training and consultation in the fields of management, technology, marketing and promotion.  Together with Nirwana Bali Resort, Pullman Legian Nirwana Bali also use the products made by the surrounding community as part of its support for the local economy.

Rasuna Epicentrum also conducts programs in the socio-economic fields by organizing and accommodating street vendors along Nyi Ageng Serang Street located within the Rasuna Epicentrum complex, in cooperation with SME offices in South Jakarta (JS 09) and the community, empowering them in around The Wave project.

Kanci-Pejagan Toll Road also prepares resting areas that may be utilized by local SMEs.

In the cultural sector, Bakrieland endorses the conservation of cultural arts, local traditions and religions, galleries, and the facilitation of eco-tourism projects under the Hotels & Resorts Business Unit.  As in Nirwana Bali Resort, for example,  Balinese cultural heritage is preserved through the 13 temples remaining to exist within the  the resort  compound. While Pullman Bali Legian Nirwana  also built a temple in its surrounding neighborhood. 

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