Welcome to our first Sustainability Report. Starting year 2011 we are committed to publish a Sustainability Report regularly once every two years, on top of and separate from our Annual Report. This first report covers the time periods of up to year 2011 and it describes the performance of Bakrieland with regard to sustainability, providing an overview of our consolidated activities concerning the triple bottom line of sustainability – economic, social and environmental - performance. However, we realize that our current sustainability concept and practices must abide to law and regulation whilst continuously improved, we therefore add the fourth sustainability pillar, that is: adopting best practices and compliance. This is why we refer to it as Bakrieland’s triple+ bottom line of sustainability.

All four Bakrieland’s sustainability pillars are cascaded into commitments and targets that we as a sustainable company want to achieve. These commitments and targets are summarized into a Commitment Card. This card will be published annually as part of Bakrieland’s Annual Report, and separately, will be complementing our biennially publication of Sustainability Report commencing year 2011 onwards.

We believe that sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We strive to run our business in a manner that gives back to the planet that we call home. It is this combination of respectful relationships and positive actions toward the planet and the people that make Bakrieland unique. Hence delivering the immeasurable economic values, which we call prot, generated from our businesses to benet more and more Indonesian people and the global community.

As our business has grown over the years, so has the range and scope of our services. As such, we like to perceive that our people, customers and partners seek the benets that come from a solid and sustainable relationship. Effective stakeholders engagement is critical for our successful operations in Indonesia today and in the future. Therefore we will continue our efforts to have effective and regular communication with all of our stakeholders.

We continue to integrate the broader meaning of the word "sustainability" into every aspect of our business and try to make changes each and every day that will benefit the broader community while contributing to the growing economy and a greener environment.

In reporting our results we have used the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines to determine the scope of those areas where we seek conformance. This year, Bakrieland’s Sustainability Report has been prepared in accordance to level B of GRI application level as verified by an independent third party, National Center for Sustainability Reporting (NCSR) Indonesia. Any assumption and quantitative data which particularly relate to environment and carbon emission we made in accordance with the energy conversion standard of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the World Bank.