CSR Programs - Bakrieland Goes Green

Bakrieland’s commitment to incorporate economic interest (profit), social empathy (people) and active participation in environmental preservation (planet) into its business operations is accomplished through the development of the integrated “Bakrieland Goes Green” (BGG), CSR program launched on February 4, 2008. The BGG Program aims to support the development of properties that concern over sustainable quality of the environment, the society and the economy through the implementation of Green Architecture, Green Operation and Green Attitude. Through Green Architecture and Green Operation, BGG program focuses its resources on sustainable environment, such as on energy saving and waste reduction arising from operational, design and building facilities. Green Attitude program aims to empower stakeholders in the sectors of social economy and culture.

Green Architecture

Green Architecture is an eco-friendly concept implemented in all products of Bakrieland, guiding the Company in developing the master design of an area or of an upcoming property product.

Green Architecture comprises:

  • Green Area Design
    Green Area Design is a Green Open Space development concept that aims to improve air quality and micro climate conditions as well as to provide features that function as noise control and wind breaker while also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Green Building and Construction
    Green Building and Construction is a concept that displays an effort made by Bakrieland to build ecofriendly buildings, initiated from the designing phase and up to all development processes.

Green Operation

As an embodiment of Bakrieland`s commitment in protecting the environment and in allowing sustainability, Bakrieland implements the principle of Green Operation to ensure that the management of daily operations at all projects observe environmental focus.

Green Attitude

Bakrieland realizes that preserving the environment starts with the active role and concern of the people involved. Hence, through Green Attitude, the Company invites and engages all employees of Bakrieland, their families, visitors, tenants, and the surrounding communities to participate in Bakrieland`s many CSR programs on education, environment, and social sectors.