Our Commitment

The Sustainability activities initiated by Bakrieland are tangible indications of its obligation towards its strategic stakeholders, particularly communities residing in proximity to its work and operating area to be able to grow and develop together.

As a property developer that integrates its line of business with property-related infrastructure development, Bakrieland is fully cognizant that its operational activities may lead to social, economic and environmental consequences affecting surrounding communities. Hence, with or without the enforcement of regulations, Bakrieland will at all times firmly uphold this obligation.

As part of the society and of the Bakrie Business Group, Bakrieland holds true to the message imparted by the late H. Achmad Bakrie who exhorted that every cent earned by Bakrie Business Group must bring benefit to the people. This statement is  further translated into Trimatra Bakrie, a guideline  in managing the Company that consists of three  core values, i.e. Being-Indonesia, Beneficence and Togetherness, which provides a balance of  three pillars of life, namely spiritual, intellectual and emotional. Trimatra Bakrie becomes the foundational core value for all organizations under  Bakrie’s Business Group, including Bakrieland.

In keeping with this, prior to the start of every project, Bakrieland puts much thought and preparation to various aspects that will ensure the project’s positive impact on nearby communities. Bakrieland endeavors to bring the winds of change to its partners for a much wider scope in stakeholder value chain : by viewing things not simply from a business angle but also from a social, economic and environmental perspective.

In the long run, Bakrieland believes that its active role in The Sustainability activities will not only yield positive contributions and added value for a sustainable growth, but also present Bakrieland with the opportunity to assume a decisive role in solving social, economic and environmental issues integrated into its business strategy. At the same time, Bakrieland can also build a respectable image and reputation in ensuring the implementation of good corporate governance.