CSR Activities

24-02-2023 - The Alana Malioboro Implements Blessed Friday CSR Program
01-02-2023 - Bahana Sukma Sejahtera Inaugurates Office Renovation by Carrying Out CSR Program Free Health Checks
24-01-2023 - Sharing the Fun at The Jungle Waterpark
22-12-2022 - Muharram Festival Present at Rasuna Epicentrum
21-12-2022 - Provices Indonesia Donates “Mobil Siaga” in Yogyakarta
20-12-2022 - Bakrieland Volunteers Provide Social Assistance for Employees Affected by the Cianjur Disaster
10-12-2022 - Celebrating 12th Anniversary, Aston Bogor Holds a Series of CSR Programs
31-10-2022 - The Alana Malioboro Plants 100 Sea Pandan Trees To Support the Turtle Ecosystem at Goa Cemara Beach
06-09-2022 - CSR Program Sharing Staple Foods Rolled Back by Aston Bogor Hotel & Resort
02-09-2022 - The Alana Malioboro Shares Happiness with Senior Citizens
23-08-2022 - The Grove Suites Visits Tresna Werdha Mulia 3
11-07-2022 - Eid al-Adha1443 H in Bakrieland Group
26-06-2022 - Children's Potential & Talent Development Program at JBound Bogor
07-06-2022 - The Alana Malioboro Distributes Social Aid to the Bina Siwi Disabled Orphanage
30-04-2022 - Aston Bogor Implement CSR Program Sharing Food Staples
25-04-2022 - Ramadan Kitchen for the Country
18-04-2022 - Horison Rasuna Breaking Fast with Orphans and the Elderly
12-04-2022 - JungleLand Shares Happiness with 100 Orphans
30-03-2022 - Orphans Ramadan Parade in Rasuna Epicentrum
26-03-2022 - Earth Hour In Bakrieland Group
07-03-2022 - Blood Donation CSR Program at the Jungle Waterpark
04-10-2021 - Muharam Ceria Festival at Bogor Nirwana Residence
22-06-2021 - Krakatoa Nirwana Resort Lampung and Lions Club Title Planting Mangroves and Circumcision Mass
18-06-2021 - The Alana Malioboro Participates in Preventing Cervical Cancer
11-05-2021 - Al-Bakrie Mosque Wins 2nd Place at Ramadhan Festival DKI Jakarta
04-05-2021 - Earth Day Celebrations in Krakatoa Nirwana Resort Lampung
18-12-2020 - Guest Lecture at Bakrie University: CSR
27-11-2020 - Appreciation The Grove Suites for Yayasan Bakrie Amanah Foster Children
15-09-2020 - CSR: Turtle Release in Goa Cemara Beach
24-07-2020 - The Alana Malioboro Cares for the People of Jogjakarta